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FAQs about Traveling with Pets

Have you fallen in love with a puppy abroad and would love to bring it with you right away? Or do you already have a beloved pet and never want to be without them, even when traveling abroad?

We frequently receive questions from people who want to travel with their pets and from those who want to buy a pet abroad and import it to Germany.

You can find many frequently asked questions (FAQs) about traveling with pets and their answers here:

No, the standard chip readers in the EU cannot read these microchips. You need to have your pet re-chipped with the required 15-digit ISO microchip and preferably have both microchips recorded in the EU health certificate/pet passport. Alternatively, you can carry a microchip reader with you, in which case re-chipping is not necessary.

No, but only if the tattoo was done before July 3, 2011, and is still readable. If your pet was tattooed after July 3, 2011, and/or the tattoo is no longer readable, you must have your pet identified with the 15-digit ISO microchip.

Generally, the blood test is valid for the entire life of the animal and does not need to be repeated, provided that the rabies booster vaccination is always administered within the validity of the last rabies vaccination, and the identification remains intact.

Generally, the same import conditions apply as for accompanied animals (microchip, rabies vaccination, possibly blood test, waiting periods), with one exception: The health certificate is different, namely one for trade. The owner's declaration is not required in this case.

This certificate must also be filled out, signed, and sealed by the official veterinarian in the country of origin, but it is only valid for 48 hours for entry into the EU.

You can download the trade certificate for dogs, cats, and ferrets in PDF format in German and English.

No, both the trade of puppies and the movement of own puppies without the mother from an EU Member State or third country to Germany are prohibited.

No, only animals that meet the EU conditions for import from non-listed third countries can be imported. Otherwise, you will commit an administrative offense.

If microchipping, subsequent rabies vaccination(s), and waiting periods were done in the EU, the rabies vaccination is still valid, and the pet passport was properly filled out by your veterinarian, then the pet passport alone is sufficient for entry, similar to your passport.

The same entry requirements apply as for non-listed third countries. If microchipping, rabies vaccination, and blood test for rabies antibodies are done before departure in the EU, and all information is recorded in the pet passport, the 3-month waiting period is waived. For re-entry, the pet passport alone is sufficient as an official document.

No, unfortunately, the pet passport alone is not sufficient. For entry into the EU, the relevant rabies vaccination must be officially confirmed. This is only possible with the EU health certificate, officially confirmed by the USDA.

No, not immediately. The import conditions for non-listed third countries must be followed. If the cat is already 12 weeks old or older, the preparation time until all conditions are met is at least 4 months. The cat must stay in the country of origin for that long.

No, the intra-community movement of puppies to Germany is prohibited. The dog can only enter if it is microchipped, vaccinated against rabies at 12 weeks of age, the 21-day waiting period is observed, and an EU pet passport is issued in your name in Greece. Therefore, you can bring the dog at the earliest when it is 15 weeks old. Before that, the puppy cannot meet the entry requirements by calculation alone.

No, this procedure is illegal. Pet passports are official documents and may only be issued and issued by authorized veterinarians in the EU for the animals they treat. Issuing blank passports is prohibited. Pet passports issued in third countries are void and will be confiscated upon entry. The import conditions for listed third countries must be followed.

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